postheadericon Consultation Fee

The initial consultation fee is waived for those who undergo surgery within 6 months of the vasectomy reversal consultation. Those who do not undergo surgery will be charged a nominal consultation fee. Currently this is £65.

postheadericon Operative fee package

We operate a complete package known as inclusive care. Therefore you can be assured this is only one payment. This payment includes all hospital fees, surgeons and anaesthetists fees. All follow up contacts are also included as is any further surgery in the unlikely event of a complication within 30 days of the procedure. The current Inclusive care fee is approx £2,390.00. To obtain the latest price please contact the hospital on 01925 215029. You will receive written confirmation of any quoted price.

If after discussion you want to consider sperm banking or anything that is generally not part of the inclusive care package, we will quote you an amended fee.