postheadericon The Operation

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Unlike the majority of vasectomies, vasectomy reversal is carried out under general anaesthesia. Prior to your procedure you will be sent a medical questionnaire to ensure that any potential risks from anaesthesia are identified. Thankfully most of the procedures we perform are on fit healthy men.

The vast majority of procedures are carried out as a day case. Only in rare instances where the procedure has been technically challenging and long or if there has been concerns during anaesthesia will we suggest an overnight stay.

Your consent for the procedure will be obtained on the morning of surgery. However all patients will have had an initial consultation where the operation will be discussed. Following anaesthesia two incisions are made in the scrotum, and using a microscopic technique the two ends of the vasa deferens are re-joined. Both sides are rejoined. The skin is then closed with dissolvable stitches.

Prior to the vasectomy reversal procedure we may discuss the possibility of sperm retrieval which would take place during the procedure, if requested. The operation generally takes up to two hours to perform.

postheadericon Side effects and complications

Vasectomy reversal is generally a very safe procedure. However in all surgery there are side effects and complications you should be aware of before you give your consent to undergo that procedure.

In almost all instances these are similar to the side effects and complications you were told about when you had your vasectomy as they are common to all scrotal surgery.

It is inevitable that after this procedure you will have some swelling and bruising of the scrotum for a few days. At the end of the operation local anaesthetic is injected into the wound area to alleviate any immediate post operative discomfort. On discharge you will be advised on simple pain killers to take if necessary over the next few days.

In a few instances you may develop a bleed within the scrotal sac called a haematoma, which then occasionally requires a second operation. Again the risk of this is small and no more than when you had your original vasectomy.

Scrotal skin is prone to wound infection. If this were to hapen a simple antibiotic treatment is indicated.

Specific to this operation you may develop late failure. This occurs when unfortunately although the operation may initially be deemed a success by a positive sperm count a man make become sterile again due to scar tissue. This is rare.

Vasectomy reversal should in no way affect your sexual performance or satisfaction.

Thankfully all these complications are rare and apart from the minor bruising and swelling very few men experience any significant side effects or complications.

You can also be assured that you will have readily available advice from your Consultant Surgeon should you have any concerns over your post operative recovery.

postheadericon What happens after the operation?

Immediate 24-48 hours.

Any discomfort after the operation should quickly subside. Local anaesthetic is put in the wound immediately after the operation which reduces the discomfort in the first 24 hours. After this simple pain killers such as paracetamol is all that should be be necessary for a few days.

You may experience some swelling post op. As monthly any concerns, however trivial can usually be addressed by a telephone call if necessary. I appreciate you will only have this operation once and will not be familiar with any perceived problems. That is why we are here to reassure you, however trivial the problem might be.

postheadericon Returning to work

Depending on your occupation and physical activity we suggest you factor in two weeks after the operation.

postheadericon Sex, exercise and bathing

To allow satisfactorily healing, sexual activity should not take place until you are comfortable. You should refrain from the gym or the bike for at least two weeks! You can bathe/shower as normally post operatively.

postheadericon Seminal analysis

Performed between 12 and 16 weeks to ensure the operation has been successful. I have had patients whose partners have become pregnant before the analysis was performed and you may be fertile at any time after the operation!

postheadericon Post op follow up

Telephone follow up is available anytime after your operation and you will be given the contact details for this at the time of your surgery.

Although I do like to see the patient two weeks after the operation to ensure that the wound has healed satisfactorily, however, this is not monthly possible if you live some distance from the hospital.

In any case you will be contacted by phone at this time to ensure all is well.

The procedure and logistics for seminal analysis will then be discussed again.

Following on from your semen analysis you will be contacted by letter with an option for a further telephone or face to face consultation if requested.